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Our Services at Chennai | Tamilnadu | India

Stainless Canteen Equipment Involved in Floor Planning for commercial kitchen for Higher Productivity (Kitchen Consultation), Designing Equipment for Optimum Usage of Space, Manufacturing as per user Requirment with International Standards, and Install them as per Kitchen Plan, Since 1985 in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.

We Manufacture and Installed Commercial Kitchen Equipment in many different Industry. Here we have listed few of them. Clik on the link to get more information about what equipment required for your industry.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer

In this section, we have listed all the equipment that can be installed in a commercial kitchen. To get more information about each product, click on the Picture or the Name............ Read More

Hotel Kitchen Equiment Manufacturer

Here you will find all the equipment that are Specially/Only designed for Hotel Industry. Few of them can also be installed in other Industry. If you are familiar with sections in Commercial Kitchen, and many more page............. Read More

Industrial Canteen Equipment Manufacturer

The reason we separated this section, in industrial canteen, huge number of people will approach at given time. We modified many equipment according to this industry such as.... canteen table, food pickup counter, plate rack, and many more............. Read More

Bakery and Pastry Display Counter and Equipment Manufacturer

We don't have enough equipment for this industry. but we have few of them with unmatched quality. Such as, Display Counters (Hot/Cold), Racks, Work Tables, and etc............. Read More

Restaurant Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer

This is same as Hotel Kitchen. But we have some equipment for Multi-Cuisine Restaurant............. Read More

Catering Equipment Manufacturer

You would not find any Dining Area Equipment such as...Display Counters, Dining Tables, Chairs, and few other equipment in this section since Most of the catering services follows Centralized Kitchen at one place for preparation............. Read More

Stainless Steel Table & Chair (Furniture) Manufacturer

We not only planning the kitchen area, we also do consultation for dining area. We manufacturer Stainless Steel and MS Dining Table Frame with granite on top, SS Chairs with wooden seat, and fully SS Dining Table for Hotel, Bakery, Restaurant, Marriage............. Read More

Hotel Kitchen Consultation

I supposed to put this Link on top of everything since Kitchen Consultation comes into picture before even you deside what equipment you need to go for...We do Kitchen, and Dining Consultation for all commercial Kicthen. Drainage Plan is the one that............. Read More

Fume Exhaust System | G.I. & SS Ducting

For a Healthy and Comfortable cooking at commercial kitchen, fume exhaust system plays major role. This system will keep your kitchen clean and cool. Planning and Installation will be done by our experienced professionals............. Read More

Gas Line System

Gas line system will be done after installing Equipment, Fume Exhaust System. Our Professionals would choose a area which is highly safe as per internation standards, and the entire system will be tested before the kitchen go live................ Read More

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